#CharlieHebdo, Satirical French Magazine, Invaded by Gunmen: 12 Dead

The Cryptosphere

Je Suis Charlie Je Suis Charlie/I Am Charlie

Around noon Wednesday, publication day of the latest weekly issue, two three armed and masked men dressed all in black walked into the offices of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and opened fire with Kalashnikovs. Twelve people are confirmed dead, two police officers and ten Charlie Hebdo staffers, with 4 others reportedly in critical condition, and 40 others rescued.

Charlie Hebdo (whose website is offline, showing a 504 error typical of traffic overload) has been a victim of terror attacks before, both times in retaliation for depictions of Mohammad. It is relentlessly satirical, anti-religious, and Leftist. The first attack against the magazine, in 2006, occurred when Charlie Hebdo published the infamous Danish cartoon which had caused an international furor. The organization was later unsuccessfully sued for incitement to hatred; the charges were thrown out. The second incident, a firebombing, occurred in 2011 on…

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